After 30 years involvement in the Breed I will not be breeding any more Parsons.

31-08-17 Ardencote Triintimes, mated to Digaden Pitch Perfect produced the litter below ....


  17-03-16 Ardencote Triintimes, mated to Ardencote Tenor produced the litter below ....


Anne Chalkley's Ardencote Tullah with Jane & Martin Baker's Ardencote Tallow



    29-03-15 Ardencote Triintimes, mated to Alncroft Imperial produced the litter below ....


                   Having fun with Mum at 4 weeks

        Roger & Linda Bigland's Ardencote Teach In with Heythrop & Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop

         at 6 months
at 7 months


  31-10-14 Ardencote Triple, mated to Ch Parruss Comanche Chief, produced the litter below ....



       Our keeper Ardencote Taber at 16 weeks

   at 6 months

                             and at 9 months

Anne Chalkley's Ardencote Tabatha RCC at the PRTC Show at 12 months


Our litter by Heythrop Tailwind out of our Ardencote Tanzy, all but three went to their new homes around the begining of June.


Pictured here with Mum at two weeks


At 9 months........ L to R Oscar, Gabby & Trini

Ardencote Trilbee, Ardencote Triple & Ardencote Triintimes


This was the first litter that we bred after the break that we took from breeding whilst waiting for a DNA test for LOA.