After 30 years involvement in the Breed I have now reluctantly retired from showing Parson Russell Terriers.


On his second outing of the year at Darlington Taber (Ardencote Taber) won Open Dog and took his 8th RCC!!! The Judge was Moray Armstrong.


At Blackpool Taber (Ardencote Taber) had a rare outing and under PRT Breed Specialist Geoff Roden was 2nd in Open Dog and took his 7th RCC!!!



The star of 2016 has to be Roger and Linda Bigland's Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop who took his first CC and BIS at the PRTC show. Thanks to Breed Specialist Lesley Roberts.


Despite only being shown lightly during 2016 Taber (Ardencote Taber) won the following RCCs..........

West of England Ladies Kennel Society under breed specialist Sara Nixon

Windsor Championship Dog Show under breed enthusiast Colin Powell

East of England Agricultural Society under breed specialist Martin Baker

The Welsh Kennel Club under all rounder Jenny Miller

The Northern Parson Russell Terrier Club under breed specialist Jeff Luscott

The Ladies Kennel Association under breed specialist Alan Small



The highlight of 2015 Ardencote Triintimes took BCC & RBIS at the PRTC 25th Anniversary show, judge Zena Thorn-Andrews.
Pictured L to R Ardencote Triintimes, Anne Wilson owner of DCC & BIS Ch Pacolito Highly Prized at Dragonmoor handled by Jane Baker, Steph Collis with BPIS Riplington Dream Image.


Ardencote Taber entered the ring as a puppy this year and danced his way to some nice wins, we hope that he will grow up and settled down soon!!!!

Taber won - 1st in MPD at The National under Garold Gay, BP & RBD at Three Counties under Jane Baker, BP at Windsor under Max King, 1st in PD at East of England under Patrick Dooner, 1st in PD at WKC under Tom Johnston, BPD at City of Birmingham under Jenny Miller and 1st PD under Stuart Plane at Midland Counties.


We have been showing occassionally through the years since the last litter below but time restraints have meant that this page has not been updated.


Three of the first litter that we bred after the DNA test became available L to R Ardencote Trilby, Ardencote Triintimes and Ardencote Triple.
They are by Heythrop Tailwind ex Ardencote Tanzy.

We have never bred large numbers of litter but we had an even quieter time breeding and exhibiting the terriers after we found out that we had bred a Parson with a confirmed case of LOA, she was born on 3rd April 2009 by Giftrapped of Lovealoch to Pacolito out of Ch Ardencote Tamerisk.

We suspect that a puppy from a litter whelped back in 2004 was also effected with LOA has he had all of the visible symptoms, he was by Ardencote Top Notch out of Tamerisk's dam Ardencote Trio.

This effected so much of our breeding that we decided not to breed on until a DNA test was available, luckily the bitch that we still owned by the time that a DNA test was available was still of breeding age and clear of LOA and so we were able to restart our involvement with the Parsons.

Previous highlights:

2003 was the second year in succession that I could not exhibit at Crufts as I had the honour of judging an entry of 128 P.R.T.s (133 entries). D.C.C. went to Lesley Roberts and Anne Murray's Mindlen Muddler Minnow, R.D.C.C. to Mark and Tina Allen's Ch. Alne Artic Fox, B.C.C. and B.O.B. Roger and Linda Bigland's Heythrop Topsy, R.B.C.C. to Heiddi Christensen's Cudweed's Ilumination.


CRUFTS 2003 PARSON RUSSELL TERRIER Judge: Mrs J P Wood It gave me great pleasure to judge the PRTs at Crufts this year and I hope that the following comments and my critique will be taken in the constructive way that I intend them. The Breed has progressed tremendously since KC recognition and I was particularly pleased with the general uniformity of size, which has improved since I judged them last. Movement has also improved, from memory I would say that when I last judged good movement was in the minority this time it was in the majority, although it is worrying that a large proportion of the poor movement was in the young classes. There were several exhibits that I would have been happy to take home. I would like to thank exhibitors for the sporting way in which they took my decisions and for the excellent entry. Whilst size and movement have improved some of the "finer points" of the breed which all come together in "Breed Type" seem to be getting lost along the way. This is essentially a working terrier and when breeding we should never loose sight of the original purpose for which the dog was bred. Few coats had the dense, water resistant under coat which is so necessary, some top coats were soft and sparse making it possible to see the skin, these types of coat offer no protection against weather or thorns. These coats should not be confused with a good coat that is not quite through, that is different all together and whilst one can only judge the dog on the day it is easy to spot the difference between a bad coat and one that is just not in full coat. There were also a few crinkly coats, which whilst harsh and weather resistant are not typical of the PRT and simply not correct. Very much in the minority were thick loose pelts, again this is a basic requirement for work that cannot be assessed from a distance. On the whole exhibits were good to span and by lifting them from the table I could feel weight and balance, which was again good overall. Some exhibits were light of bone, whilst we don't want heavy cobby dogs we should remember that we do require workers and light bone not only spoils the balance of the dog but also seems to run hand in hand with a thin tail and long weak feet. Type obviously varied, as it does in all breeds, and often that variation is determined by head shape. There is room in the standard for personal interpretation of head shape and I see no harm in this providing the clearly mentioned points of the standard are adhered to, grey noses, light eyes and incorrect ears should all be watched out for. The required height to length ratio also needs remembering and we should try not to allow the "Fox Terrier top line" to creep into the Breed, there were a few exhibits with short loins, straight top lines and high tail sets. We are fortunate in this country that we do not have the strict requirements of the FCI regarding dentition but even so I found one or two exhibits that did not fulfil our requirement for "a perfect regular and complete scissor bite". In my opinion dogs that do not fulfil this requirement should not be shown. Likewise it seems a shame to bring out an exhibit which is too fat, too thin or simply does not know how to behave, my advice would be to sort those problems out before "going public".

SPEC PUPPY D Entries: 9 Absentees: 0
1st MESDAMES A J & S J BROWN & GRANGE - AFINLEA ROADSIDE SKIPPER Nice youngster with good head, eye and pleasing expression, good shoulder/upper arm placement which put his front legs well under him, good bone and feet, outline spoiled just a little by slightly stuffy neck, strong quarters with well let down hocks which he used well on the move. Good coat with correct undercoat and nice loose pelt.
2nd MR R G R & MRS L R BIGLAND - HEYTHROP TOASTMASTER This young chap was close up to one he had a pleasing head with good dark eyes, good neck which fitted well into his correct lay of shoulder, he was good to span and his overall proportions were good, he has an excellent top line with just enough rise over the loin to give the correct tail set, a nice sweep to his stifle and well let down hocks, moved well.
3rd MR M & MRS T ALLEN - ALNE CHARLIE FOX Another good mover with a pleasing outline which he held on the move, unfortunately carrying a little too much weight and not wearing his best coat today.

SPEC JUN D Entries: 4 Absentees: 0
1st MR S HUTCHINS - RATPACK GRIT Nice young dog of the correct size but I would have liked him to have a little more bone and rounder feet. Pleasing head, eye and ear set, good length of neck with correct shoulder and upper arm, nice balance and good to span, good top line and tail set, just lacked a little through second thigh.
2nd MRS S H KIME - FOXTALES EARTH MOVER Good head, neck a bit stuffy and shoulder a bit upright which showed in front movement, fair through body and quarters, picked up in front movement.
3rd MR M M JONES - CLYSTLANDS JINGLE Very raw and not really ready for the ring.

POST GRAD D Entries: 9 Absentees: 1
1st MR. E. BYGATE - WINDYNOOK LORD OF THE RINGS Substantially made dog with pleasing head and outlook, I would like a little more neck and lay of shoulder, good upper arm, bone and feet, strong quarters, good through second thigh and well let down hocks, moved well.
2nd MR S HUTCHINS - RATPACK RATTLESNAKE Different type of dog who would benefit from a little of the winners substance, has nice outline and is good through neck and shoulder, good coat, moved OK.
3rd MR K G MOORE - MOONREAPERS VANDAL Similar type to 2nd, lost to him on coat and movement.

LIMIT D Entries: 12 Absentees: 0
1st MRS M & MISS R WHITE - EBBLECHASE ENDEAVOUR Nice handy size with narrower but good head, good through neck, shoulder, upper arm, body, quarters, top line, tail set and coat. Did not move quite as well as I had hoped.
2nd MR S, MRS D & MISS S COLLIS - JAGEN JOHNY RIPLINGTON Very close up to the winner and similar remarks apply, just not quite as good in front.
3rd MRS R M HUSSEY WILFORD - CLYSTLANDS COMMODORE Just my type but unfortunately had to pay the price for carrying too much weight.

OPEN D Entries: 12 Absentees: 0
1st MESDAMES L & C A ROBERTS & MURRAY - MINDLEN MUDDLER MINNOW JW What a smashing terrier, pleasing head with good eye shape and colour, good ear set, reach of neck which fitted nicely into well laid shoulder, correct outline with strong quarters and well let down hocks, just the right amount of bone and good feet, good pelt and coat although just a little more top coat needed to come through which cost him the challenge for BOB, moved well. DCC.
2nd MR M & MRS T ALLEN - CH ALNE ARTIC FOX Super head with wonderful expression, has all of the attributes of the winner and it was a very close decision which could easily change another day. RDCC.
3rd MISS M K RIMMER - CH KYLINI CELTIC WIZZARD JW This dog was unlucky to meet the two above, they were three nice dogs and headed a very strong class. I felt that he just did not have quite as good upper arm and pelt as the two above him.

VET D Entries: 4 Absentees: 0
What a smashing class, these dogs were a credit to their owners and a joy to go over, they could show a lot of the youngsters how to go.
1st MR D.A & MRS G.M PHILP - CH MINDLEN HOOLET OF MUHLROSS 11 years young and still going strong, good all through, correct balance and still good to span, moved really well.
2nd MS L & MR L ROCK & PRICE - CH HOWLBECK IZZI-RITE FOR JAGEN Another super dog and worthy champion, one that I have given top honours to previously, today he was just carrying a little too much weight and had to pay the price.
3rd MR S, MRS D & MISS S COLLIS - RIPLINGTON BUMPY RHODES Lovely type and again is super condition, no disgrace by being beaten by the two above him.

SPEC PUPPY B Entries: 10 Absentees: 1
1st MR M & MRS T ALLEN - ALNE FOXGLOVE Smashing puppy with just the head and expression that I like, good size and very well balanced, just the right amount of bone, good feet, super coat, simply stood there and said "pick me". BP.
2nd MRS R M HUSSEY WILFORD - PATRICIO ICICLE WITH CLYSTLANDS Nice head and expression but ears need to settle, good through neck, shoulder, body, bone, quarters and coat, needs a little more practice.
3rd MR P J & MRS J A DOONER - JAPPATIN DEBONAIR GIRL Very promising bitch just needing to come into coat, nice all through with great balance.
SPEC JUN B Entries: 8 Absentees: 1
1st MR N T & MRS N E HANDY & FIELD - FELLSHIED TAYMAR Very nice young bitch of correct size and balance, good head, eye ears, neck flowing into super shoulder/upper arm, good bone, top line, quarters and moved well.
2nd MISS M K RIMMER - KYLINI PHOENIX Similar type and close up to the winner, just a little wider in front and coat on the blow. I would be happy to take either of them home.
3rd MR S & MRS H TAGG - RYMSHOTT LITE-FOOT Completed a trio of lovely bitches, just carrying too much weight and had to pay the price.

POST GRAD B Entries: 22 Absentees: 3
1st MR R G R & MRS L R BIGLAND - HEYTHROP TOPSY What a lovely young bitch, she was simply the best, filled my eye and the requirements of the Breed Standard beautifully. BCC & BOB equipped herself in the big ring really well.
2nd MRS B COX - DEWYNDORF URCHIN TAF Another good young bitch with nice head, eye and ear set, pleasing through body and outline, just not wearing her best coat today.
3rd MR S, MRS D & MISS S COLLIS - RIPLINGTON SPINNER Lovely size and balance, head neck and shoulder good but a little upright in upper arm, good coat and strong quarters which she used to her advantage on the move.

LIMIT B Entries: 19 Absentees: 3
1st MR D & MRS L ROBERTS - HOWLBECK FAR-TO-GO Good type of bitch with nice head, eyes and ears, would perhaps have benefited from a little more reach of neck but what lacked in neck was made up for in good lay of shoulder. Good outline, balance, bone, feet, quarters, moved well.
2nd MR D LIGHTFOOT - HOLDOBUR SPRING FEVER Similar type and construction to winner and same remarks apply, just carrying a little too much weight.
3rd MR M & MRS M HOOLEY - HOLDOBUR MATERIAL GIRL Feminine bitch who was nice all through, not quite as good in bone and coat as two above. Res MR A & MRS L BULL - AURGWEN AURORA GALE
OPEN B Entries: 18 Absentees: 3
1st H & H H CHRISTENSEN - CUDWEED'S ILUMINATION [ATC AB00222DNK] Lovely bitch with super balance, classy outline showing correct height to length ratio, good all through and moved well. RBCC.
2nd MR R G R & MRS L R BIGLAND - HEYTHROP TENKO Good head, neck, shoulder, good to span, nice outline with correct rise over loin and tail set. Not wearing her best coat today.
3rd MR P J & MRS J A DOONER - CH JAGEN GABRIELLA GIRL AT JAPPATIN Worthy champion who is a different type to the two placed above her but never the less good all through, unfortunately coat on the blow.
SPEC VET B Entries: 6 Absentees: 1
A class of smashing bitches in great condition all a credit to their owners.
1st MR N T & MRS N E HANDY & FIELD - CH FELLSHIED TOP TALENT A previous top winner of mine simply good all through and moved well, pushed the ticket winners hard.
2nd MR G & MRS A C RODEN - HOWLBECK PRINCIBLE DANCER OF QUARRYMIST Although a different type this is another lovely bitch, good all through including movement, I could never understand why she didn't gain her title.
3rd MR S, MRS D & MISS S COLLIS - RIPLINGTON FREE SAMPLE Completed a trio of quality bitches, unfortunately just not moving quite as well as the two above.

Judge (Jan Wood)