3rd September 2018

Ch Ardencote What A Cracker ex Ardencote Aiming High

at 6 weeks

Ardencote What A Joy and Ardencote What A Rogue
Two of the nine puppies that Ava and Whattie gave us

at 11 weeks


*** 12th May 2017 ***

Multi Ch Blue Springs Irish Coffee ex Ardencote Star Maker

At 6 weeks

Ardencote Dating Destiny at 12 weeks

At 4 months

At 16 months gaining his Gold Good Citizens Award


*** 7th February 2016 ***

Ch Citycroft High Society ex Ardencote Solitaire

At 6 weeks

Ardencote High Class and Ardencote Aiming High

At 12 weeks

At 9 months and 6 months


*** 11th May 2014 ***

Champion Willingwisp Star Trooper ex Ardencote Solitaire

Litter at 6 weeks

Ardencote Star Maker

Ardencote Star Gazer

Ardencote Wandering Star and Ardencote Dancing Star

Ardencote Starlet and Ardencote Star Turn

Ardencote Pop Star and Ardencote Star Studded

Ardencote Dancing Star

At 9 weeks


*** 26th July 2012 ***

Spyanfly Set In Stone ex Champion Ardencote Justa Cracker


Far too posh to push, C section and one bitch puppy.. Ardencote Solitaire

'Sol 4 months'

'Sol' 10 months


*** 24th March 2011 ***

Buebezi Cahoots with Oxana ex Ardencote Sahara Rose Litter bred by Vickie.

In the nest at three weeks

At 11 weeks

The Laird of Ardencote & The Gray Lady of Ardencote


  Champion Nut Chip of Nevedith ex Michlea Mercury

Puppies with Chloe at 1 day


4 weeks


6 weeks

All puppies now have their new homes except for these two......... Ardencote Bye Bye Blues and Ardencote Blue Moon.

Stop Press: Blue Moon is now in his forever home with Yvette Long.


7th January 2008 Ardencote Diamond Lil whelped eight puppies sired by Ch Nevedith KFA Kraka (the last litter that he sired in the UK)

5 weeks

At 9 weeks

Ardencote Justa Cracker (19-01-12 became a champion) & Ardencote What A Cracker (10-07-11 became a champion)

photographs at 11 months and 7 months